• Belarus is a non-coastal country in Eastern Europe. It’s also called the Republic of Belarus or Belorussia.
  • This country is sharing its borders with Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. Minsk is its capital. 
  • In Belarus, people speak in local language Belarusian, but the Russian Language also used there. The government has certified Belarusian and Russian as its official languages.
  • About 80% of people here are Eastern Orthodox, while only 20% are Jewish, Muslims, and Roman Catholic.
  • The Belorussian ruble as its official currency.
  • Belarus is having a literacy rate of 99.6%.
  • Sweets of Belarus are famous in their native countries also.  Its chocolates, zephyr, glazed cranberry, glazed curd bars, and sguschenka are very popular.
  • In a war between  Poland and  Belarusian 1919-1921, Belarus has lost almost its half of the territory. In a world war, second Belarus has lost one-third of its population. More than half of its economy was destroyed.

MBBS In Belarus: An Overview

Last date for Apply MBBS Admission10th – 20th August
Eligibility10+2 With 55 % in PCB
Minimum Course Fee 4,50,000 INR  
Maximum Course Fee7,50,000 INR 
NEET -UG Entrance TestYes, Compalsory
Cost of Accommodation50,000 – 60,000 INR Per Year
Duration of MBBS Course6 Year
Medium Of Teaching English
Affilation Of Medical UniversitiesMCI, WHO & UNESCO
Indian Food AvailabilityYes

Medical Education System In Belarus:

If we think of getting an MBBS degree from a reputed university, then one central fact which strikes in our mind is funding for the degree.  However, to be useful in academics is also having importance in the path of becoming a successful doctor. For Indian students who aspire to become a doctor, study abroad is the best choice available By MBBS admission In Belarus.

Belarus is one of the top countries having a modern education system. Some of the facts which make Belarus best option in terms of MBBS in abroad are as follows:

  • Education in Belarus is one of its top most priorities.  In the education sector, Belarus stay updated with the newest advancement. This is being one of the considerable aspects for aspirants to enroll themselves in universities here like, MBBS in Belarus.
  •  Universities in Belarus have the ultramodern infrastructure.
  • The medical universities here are recognized by the medical council of India (MCI), the World Health Organization (WHO), and other medical bodies For MBBS admission in Belarus.
  • The total duration of MBBS in Belarus is about six years. Initial five years are focused on theoretical and practical knowledge while the last year is of the training session. Students get their training in the renowned hospitals of the country.
  • Universities in Belarus have employed expertise faculty. The mode of education by the teachers to the students in English. But students are facilitated with the option to learn regional education.
  • The education structure in Belarus is based on the structure provided by the Soviet Union. This country has about 249 professional schools and more than 57 higher study institutes. Moreover, Belarus has over 200 faculty members in the educational field.
  • MBBS degree holders from Belarus can easily find the workplace of their choice in any corner of the world.
  • In terms of getting educated from Belarus, language exams like IELTS or TOEFL are not required by the students for MBBS Admission in Belarus . Besides, Belarus universities do not command any medical entrance exams.
  • Belarus is the safest country in comparison to other countries like Russia, Ukraine or the USA, etc For MBBS admission in Belarus.
  • Universities here do not demand any donation fees for doing MBBS in Belarus means is directly based on the 12th percentage and the NEET scorecard.
  • One of the significant facts is the low cost of living in Belarus. Living in Belarus is very cheap and affordable.  The transportation system here is also very affordable.

Top Medical Universities & Affilation in Belarus:

Name of UniversityAffilated by
Belarusian State Medical UniversityMCI, WHO &UNESCO
Gomel State Medical UniversityMCI & WHO
Vitebsk State Medical UniversityMCI,WHO & UNESCO
Grodno State Medical UniversityMCI & WHO

Advantages of the Study MBBS in Belarus for Indian Students:

MBBS studied students from Belarus to get ample opportunities for their careers. They can enroll themselves in further study programs such as in MD degree programs at a low cost. Even they can migrate to high countries like the USA or Russia for the MD. There are some of the added advantages which make Belarus best for the MBBS degree:

  • Students who failed to get excellent marks in their secondary examination but still wishes to pursue MBBS in Belarus they have wide options
  • Medical universities here only require 55% marks at the secondary level in PCB (physics, chemistry, biology) ForMBBS Admission in Belarus. No entrance test is required. But NEET scorecard is a must with qualifying marks for MBBS in Belarus
  • Students should attain the age of 17 by the December end of the year one getting MBBS Admission in Belarus .
  • In Belarus, the total cost of the MBBS degree is about 23400 USD, which is much less as compared to other countries like India, America, Russia, etc.
  • MBBS Admission in Belarus is one in a lifetime opportunity that will make your career successful in the field of medicine. Plus, you will get numerous opportunities to meet with great personalities, as the universities here often involved in organizing seminars and workshops.
  • Students can easily crack the screening test established by the MCI. 
  • MBBS admission in Belarus process is straightforward. You must need to apply by the end of June. Classes are started in September for MBBS in Belarus. 
  • While your living in Belarus, you will get to interact with various cultures in a friendly manner.
  • Indians are treated with respect from there locals. Indian mess is also available in the hostel.
  • For MBBS admission in Belarus, Students should have NEET qualified for Indian Students.
  • After NEET Qualified Students No entrance exam for MBBS admission in Belarus in India.
  • For MBBS admission in Belarus, Indian Student  should have Passport for Invitation letter by University to Get visa. 

Total Fee Structure of MBBS In Belarus: At a Glance  

Name of UniversityTotal Fee of 6 Year (Tuition Fee + Hostel Fee)
Belarusian State Medical University27,00,000 INR
Gomel State Medical University36,00,000 INR
Vitebsk State Medical University23,70,000 INR
Grodno State Medical University24,40,000 INR

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Impotant Questions:

Ques: Can my parents come and meet me in between the session?

Ans: Yes. When you are coming for MBBS in Belarus, and your parents want to meet you in between the session, then they can come to the University. Special arrangements for parents are available at the hostel, and they can reside there for 2 to 3 days. But for the same, it is necessary you are seeking permission from the authority.

Ques: Can I reside with my relative if there is any of them living?

Ans: Yes. If your any of the relative is residing in Belarus and you are coming for MBBS in Belarus, and you are deciding with them, then also the option is available. But for the same, it is necessary you submit the residential proof of them to the University. If you have not submitted the residential proof to the University, then you will not be permitted to stay with them.

Ques: Can I step outside the hostel to purchase my basic necessities on holidays?

Ans: Yes. To purchase your basic necessities, you can step outside. But it is necessary you are coming back to the hostel within the provided duration. If you got late, then security will not be going to tolerate it.

Ques: Can I rely on the security available in the hostels?

Ans: Yes. Security is up to the mark, and they will not be going to compromise when it comes to security. If you are violating the rules, they will report about it to authorities, and they will take strict actions against you.

Ques: Will my parents, going to get an update about my growth in MBBS in Belarus?

Ans: Yes. When you appear for MBBS in Belarus, your parents will be going to get regular updates about it. There will be no need for you to feel like your parents are not aware of your status here. Also, in case you have done something wrong, and it is reported, then also they will be going to know about it.

Ques: Can my parents communicate with my teachers if they are facing any issue considered to my growth in the hostel or University?

Ans: Yes. If you feel like that there is something missing, you can let your parents communicate with the teachers. But for the same, it is necessary for them to call on the helpline number of the University. From there, the university people will connect them to the teachers with whom they wish to contact.

Ques: Is it a must for me to pursue an internship in Belarus?

Ans: When it comes to the internship, University offers the student with the internship option as well. This totally depends upon your choice whether you wish to complete it there or not.

Ques: Can I complete my internship in India?

Ans: Yes. If you wish to complete your internship in India, then also you can go weather. But for the same, it is necessary you are aware of the eligibility criteria asked by the Hospital where you are looking forward to completing your internship.

Ques: Are the universities offering scholarship exams to students?

Ans: Yes. To all the students appearing for MBBS in Belarus, the University is offering them with scholarship exams as well. This is scholarship exams will let them get available with some relaxation, and they will be able to maintain things as per the requirement.

Ques: Why is Belarus considered to be one of the best countries for pursuing MBBS?

Ans: Belarus is considered to be one of the best countries for MBBS because here, you will be going to get everything available here. You will be going to deal with all the modern equipment and professionals are always there to help you. They will help you in understanding the concept effectively and innovatively.

Grodno State Medical University Belarus
Duration: 6 YEARTotal:₹19.78 LAKH | $30420
1st Year₹3.30 LAKH$5070
2nd Year to 6th Year₹3.29 LAKH PER YEAR$5070 PER YEAR

Gomel State Medical University
Duration: 6 YEARTotal:₹17.85 Lakh | $25,500
1st Year₹3.85 Lakh$5500
2nd Year to 6th Year₹2.8 Lakh Per Year$4000 Per Year

Vitebsk State Medical University Belarus
Duration: 6 YEARTotal:₹21.45 LAKH | $33000
1st Year₹3.58 LAKH$5500
2nd Year to 6th Year₹3.58 LAKH PER YEAR$5500 PER YEAR

Belarusian State Medical University
Duration: 6 YEARTotal:₹21.84 Lakh | $31200
1st Year₹3.64 Lakh$5200
2nd Year to 6th Year₹3.64 Lakh Per Year$5200